I am Kotin, Giantman Warrior of the T'Kirem Clan.  I joined the T'Kirem Clan after arrving to Icemule and meeting Soulgrim and Roblar. paladin and warrior respectively.  They helped me to regain my confidence after losing most, if not all, of my simple clan to bandits.  


When you look at me, you see the following: 

     He is very tall.  He appears to be in the spring of life.
     He has brooding amber eyes and freckled skin.
     He has raggedly cut, unruly deep red hair with lighter streaks.
     He has a gaunt face, a broad nose and a grizzled beard.

I spend most of my time refining my combat techniques and reflecting on my experiences.  Most of my reflection occurs in my Mind Palace while reading over and editing my journal.  

I live in Icemule which is a city in the realm of Elanthia and I enjoy long walks in the battlefield, preferably a swarming battlefield.  Take me for a climb, I enjoy the vistas.  Spending time with my friends and family grounds me and helps me to manage my battle rage.  Exploring caves, secret trails and mountain climbing are just a few of my hobbies. 

Everyone has titles.  Here are some of mine:

"Defier of the Gods" - self

"Our Boy Prodigy" - Great Lord Synyster

"Feisty" - Lord Mischab  

"Flaring Porcupine" - Commander Roblar 

"Super Hero, a combination of the Flash and the Hulk" - Ladies Alyiel and Elionwey

"Originator of Rage Plate Do"  -  Great Lord Synyster

"The Bandit Cleaver" 

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