Rage Plate Do


This is a martial art that I have been developing to overcome the restrictions imposed upon me by the gods.  

It focuses on the idea that to survive, the enemies must be stunned or killed as swiftly as possible.  To this end, the biggest weapon should be used.  I prefer the claidhmore if no bless is needed, or a battleaxe when a bless is required.  Polearms also make an excellent choice here.  

Swinging the biggest weapon in the realm comes with a cost: you can't uses a shield effectively while in combat.  This can be negated through the proper application of the heaviest armor you can find: full plate.  

Wearing the heaviest armors in the game comes with a cost: you are slow in moving and swinging and vulnerable to certain maneuver attacks.  I found two ways to ways to overcome this:  flaring plate and rage.   

The flaring plate is something that takes time to acquire as it cost many silvers.  Also, wearing full plate not fully trained will slow you down, but the protection it affords is next to none.  The flares are important because you WILL get hit swinging a two-hander.  If you're going to get hit, you might as wells hit back.  This, I was discovered accidentally fighting zombies with my friend, Lopsopod.  You can read about it here, under the heading "The Birth of the Flaring Porcupine."  

Rage allows you to swing in 5 seconds no matter how encumbered you are.  Furthermore, you become a killing machine if you also train in multi-opponent combat (MOC).  At level 28, you can have 60 ranks of MOC which will allow you to swing at 5 targets at once.  With a full room, this allows you to effectively swing once every second.  

Therefore, the art of Rage Plate Do revolves around the application of a devastating two-handed weapon, the use of flaring full plate and discharge of focused rage.  

Controlling your rage

Becoming enraged will leave you running all over the battlefield killing this foe and that.  To maintain some sort of control, one can gather the local enemies into one area before engaging the rage.  This will reduce your propensity to run off in search of other foes because all the foes will be in one location... and dead.  


Training Regimen


Since I am not favored by the gods, I am not distracted with a broad training regimen that most warriors undertake to bash boxes or join societies.  I am not allowed to share mana or use the warrior abilities guard or protect. Many have related their pity for me, but I count this as a blessing as it allows me to focus on what I do best: cut down everything in my path.

I break my training into four groups: Core, General, Redux, Utility.  The skills are listed in order of importance with the most important first.  I do this because I tend to train to certain thresholds which leave my training temporarily out of balance.

Core skills (all 2x): combat maneuvers, two-handed weapon,  physical training, shield, armor  (39/12)

General skills (all 2x): survival, perception, first aid  (6/24)

Redux skills (all 1x): two-weapon combat, brawling, thrown weapons, edged weapons  (8/5)

Utility skills (as much as needed): Multi-opponent combat (60 ranks), climbing, swimming, arcane symbols, trading  (40 ranks each)

Total training (core + general + redux) = 53/41 which is very doable for a warrior.  For your redux skills, choose any weapons you like.  I chose thrown, edged and brawling so that I could have a ranged attack that could immediately place me in a good defensive position.  

Important thresholds include 60 ranks of MOC at level 28 in order to swing five times per berserk and 140 ranks of armor by level 45.  Doing this will cause you to be a bit off-balanced for a while, but you will be fully trained for full plate and be able to swing once per second in a good swarm.  Make sure to keep your CM ranks at max so that you can continue training in the combat maneuver list.

Shield training is important for defense while moving about.  Furthermore, shields can hold powerful enhancives that will aid in recovery after every battle.

Get 140 ranks of armor as soon as possible.  Then don't train it it again until you can single in it for 2/0.  No need to double or triple in it after this and the spare points can be used to train in more weapons.  

Important Combat Maneuvers to master

Berserk -> Weapon Bonding -> Stance of the Mongoose (rank 2, then PM, then rank 3) -> Parry Mastery (rank 2, then SotM rank 3, then rank 3)

This will provide the most opportunities to swing and, therefore, kill as many enemies as possible.

Train in Armor reinforcement to protect against wounds stacking

Train in shield bash, shield trample and shield focus.  Get a tower shield for best defense.  


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