Story-telling with a Twist


Telare recites:

    "Alright then. Allow me to explain what we are doing here. This is a bit of a twist than the normal sort of Storytelling we do. This time, you all will have your part to play in telling the story."


Telare recites:

    "Once you've told your piece of the story, after it's been your turn, this Halfling Chubbins here has agreed to work for you. If and only if you participate."


Chubbins points at himself.

You see Master of Ceremonies Chubbins.
He appears to be a Paradis Halfling.
He is rather short, with an enormous belly.  He appears to be old and wrinkled.  He has wide brown eyes and ruddy skin.  He has long, wavy silver hair carefully coiffed into a perfect upswept tableau.  He has a pudgy face and a bulbous nose.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a long-sleeved white silk shirt with tiny red hearts for buttons, a narrow red leather belt with a bright silver buckle, a thin black leather pouch with a pink heart-shaped clasp, some elegant black velvet trousers, and some highly polished black boots with a bright red stripe down each calf.

You bow deeply at the waist, honoring Chubbins.

Telare says, "After we've done the members, of which there are four, I'll start with Room Order with the rest of you."

[Obsidian Tower Party Tent]
Hardwood floors of polished ebonwood are inlaid with paler woods forming an intricate Obsidian Tower coat-of-arms.  Cheerful candles on gold candelabra brighten the spacious tent, casting merry shadows upon its lush, obsidian velvet interior walls.  A heavy silver damask curtain traced with thorny black roses separates the dance area to the north from this main gathering spot.  You also see a discreet tent flap.
Also here: Marroc, Alisaire, Master of Ceremonies Chubbins, Avaia, Kotin, Tinkerina who is sitting, Celincia who is sitting, Minlea who is sitting, Aneire who is sitting, Hats, Lman who is sitting, Dashralto, Lady in Waiting Rendena, Telare
Obvious exits: north

Story Begins

Telare ominously says, "She woke from her deep and long sleep, the charred scars from the campfire she d set the night before staining the earth next to her. She lays there for a few minutes longer, attempting vainly to recollect the events of the evening prior. Slowly, she sits up - rubs her eyes before gazing about at the barren wasteland around her. Swearing slightly under her breath, she squints toward the horizon before muttering to herself  I ve certainly done it now."

Telare nods at Avaia.

Avaia says, "...*swoosh!*....and arrow whizzed by her head. Looking up, she notice five figures emerging from the shadows..."

Avaia nods at Alisaire.

Alisaire continues, "Wheeling to one side, the woman raises her hand as she calls forth a surge of magic.  Green fire whips into them, tearing the nearest apart and setting alight the next two."

Telare nods at Marroc.

Marroc ponders.

Marroc says, "Two of the attackers survived and she easily dispatched them with the sleek scimitar she wore at her waist.  Strangely, she could think of no reason why she would be hunted.  Or why she would be sleeping in a forest, or even who she was.  Today was definitely turning into a mystery."

Telare gazes with interest at Eoghain.

Eoghain says, "With five dead and unknown assailants lying in a gruesome formation around the charred earth of her campfire, she pauses. Sensing no other presences around her, he mind pulses outward, seeking, testing, following the auras of the dead, seeking a resonance. Why would these strangers be sent for her? And more importantly who sent them? She eyes the sun in the sky and her distance from the mountains, knowing that she has a task at hand."

Speaking to Rendena, Telare says, "It is your turn, now."

Rendena softly says, "The sun had no answers in the breathe of the wind. Louder and louder the wind was. AS if quietly speaking to her. She looked around her surrounds, near the campfire was a forest she could be lost in forever if she wasn't careful. She says"What am I to do!"To the sun and sky. There was no answer."

Telare curiously asks, "What is she to do?"

Speaking slowly to Dashralto, Telare asks, "Can you tell us?"

Dashralto says, "She wondered if the old mans words were true; "When night falls, fear stalks and lust imbibes.", and was still not sure which had happened the night before.  Nevertheless, the desolation she had just wrought around her made it clear she could not stay here.  She carefully and cautiously began walking towards the near by forest."

Speaking slyly to Hats, Telare asks, "What will she find next?"

Hats says, "The forest was dark and twisted.  Its trees bowed over her with leafless limbs.  She found a game trail and followed it deep into the wood.  It led her to a cave where the ground rose up before her.  It was a barrow."

Telare slowly says, "A barrow. Interesting indeed."

Speaking to Tinkerina, Telare asks, "What is in this barrow? Does she care to find out?"

Tinkerina exclaims, "Slowly, she creeps as silently as she could to the barrow. She hears a slight noise as she creeps closer, when suddenly, a figure pops out of the barrow! He grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth and whispers in her ear; Don't move, don't scream, don't even blink; They are here, they have found you, and now, you must run!"

Speaking curiously to Tinkerina, Telare says, "Interesting! I like it."
Aneire says, "Its getting good."

Speaking to Kotin, Telare asks, "Who is this? What will happen to her?"

Kotin says, "She doesn't get to discover who this figure is, but, deep down, knows he speaks true.  Glancing about, she finds ancient tome.  Compelled to it, she grabs it and runs out of the cave and into the darkening forest."

Speaking to Bogenshutze, Telare asks, "What will happen next to our protagonist? Does she get away?"

Speaking to Telare, Bogenshutze says, "Lavishly and immediately she wets herself as she runs in fear but will not notice until later as the rash bothers her inner thighs while she sits in peace, or at least in as much peace as she can find while she opens the tome."

Chubbins blinks.
Telare gazes in amusement at Bogenshutze.
Chubbins looks thoughtfully at Bogenshutze.
Eoghain starts chortling.
Tinkerina giggles.
Bogenshutze says, "It happens."
Telare adopts an agreeable expression.
Bogenshutze shrugs.
Hats looks thoughtfully at Bogenshutze.
Speaking to Bogenshutze, Eoghain asks, "TO some more than others, eh?"

Speaking to Eoghain, Bogenshutze says, "Especially halflings."
Bogenshutze nods at Eoghain.

Telare says, "Our heroine continues to soldier on, despite the mishap. Despite her escape from the barrow, she has the overwhelming feeling that she is being trailed and watched from many directions. Wherever she goes, she finds no peace. She staggers her way along, fighting to continue to her vain escape for several days straight. Through all sorts of brush, and obstacles. Her hunger pains her, her sleep deprivation begins to make her question her sanity."

Avaia exclaims, "Evening, while sitting around a meager campfire, she opens the book again. All of a sudden, a skeletal hand reaches up from the pages, grabs her by the face, and pulls her into the book!"

Speaking to Alisaire, Telare exclaims, "Now she is in the book!"

Kotin nods approvingly.

Marroc says, "A haze of mist carpets the ground and the light of four full moons brightens her surroundings as she wanders, her hand resting on the pommel of her scimitar.  Hazy figures move slowly in the distance.  She stops suddenly as a ghostly figure, sheathed in fog and emanating an unbearable cold appears before her.  It speaks, in a long-dead voice that she barely recognizes as her father's.  "Why are you here?"

Eoghain says, "She answers, "For Knowledge. For Power. For Truth. For Myself." The spectre fades, replaced by a grandfather figure with a smiling face. His eyes are as old as time, slit-pupiled, bright yellow. "I've been waiting for you," he says ominously. "And you're late."

Dashralto says, "He continues, saying "Power strangles those who seek it.  And like thirst, it is not long quenched."  She answers: "I know, but you would not believe the say I've had.  And I am indeed thirsty."

Hats says, "The specter responds, "That is why you are here."  He gestures with one boned hand.  "An eternity to learn, an eternity to hone your Art.  An eternity to quench your thirst."."

Speaking to Tinkerina, Telare asks, "Will she be there for all of eternity?"

Tinkerina says, "She starts to think about everything she has learned, this must be some sort of dream, how can this be happening? She starts to look around, desperately trying to find a way back home, a way back to comfort, her family, her friends. She begins to lose hope, and then, she feels a small tingle. She peers down, thinking "Oh no, what now is trying to harm me". That's when she see's it, a beautiful, glowing ring. She takes it off, and studies it. She sees a strange writing, not in the language of which she is familiar. "How strange" she says aloud. She puts the ring back on and *SNAP*."

Tinkerina says, "She slowly opens her eyes.... and see's a campfire......"

Rendena softly says, "It appears as if a herd of horses stopped by that little campfire, and left a gift. One little horse, still alive and the rising sun was behind the horse as it leaped into the air."

Kotin says, "She picks up the gift, sensing a great satisfaction in new understanding of herself and strides up to a horse, fearing nothing after her ordeal, and mounts it.  Pulling on the reigns, she leads the horses out of the forest and into a new day; one of hope and adventure.You say, "She picks up the gift, sensing a great satisfaction in new understanding of herself and strides up to a horse, fearing nothing after her ordeal, and mounts it.  Pulling on the reigns, she leads the horses out of the forest and into a new day; one of hope and adventure."

Telare applauds you.
Chubbins beams happily at Kotin!
Tinkerina turns to Kotin and cheers!
Chubbins applauds.
Lman applauds.
Alisaire inclines her head.
Kotin smiles quietly to himself.
Aneire applauds.
Avaia nods slightly.
Hats nods to Kotin.
Telare amusedly says, "A less devastating end for our heroine than I had hoped for."
The sound of muted applause comes from just outside the tent.
Dashralto applauds.
Alisaire wryly says, "I tried."

Speaking to Telare, Tinkerina says, "Well if I had known that was the route you were going for...."

Alisaire says, "There are many routes for any story."
Speaking to Tinkerina, Telare says, "It would have made it far less interesting to have a pre-determined outcome."

Speaking to Telare, Kotin says, "There is always the next chapter ... where she realizes that she was filled with a false hope and dread pours over her when she opens the gift."

Rendena laughs!

Hats starts chuckling at Kotin!

Speaking to Chubbins, Telare says, "Thank you kindly, sir Halfling."

Speaking to Telare, Chubbins says, "It has been my pleasure.  You all spin a fine tale."
Telare says, "We hope that you all enjoyed your time here. Perhaps we will do this again sometime."
Speaking to you, Tinkerina exclaims, "And there she sees her own head in the box!"
Chubbins grins impishly.

Story Ends

Chubbins altered my plate from (compromised design): 

Etched onto the surface of the mithril plate is a massive battle scene, the image of the snow-capped mountains of Pinefar blending into the blue-grey background of hammered metal.  A claidhmore-wielding warrior is depicted raging towards a menacing swarm of enemies, the glacei, ice wraths, and frozen corpses lurching forward in an attempt at an ambush.  A single glossy red arrow sits pierced through the warrior's head, yet his face still remains frozen in a look of utmost fearlessness.

To (my design):

This suit of armor consists of a masterfully crafted piercing blue mithril lorica segmentata with attached faulds and bevor.  The hands and arms are enclosed in articulated gauntlets that reach up beyond the elbow while the legs are covered with chausses.  Sabatons cover the feet.  The head and back of the neck are covered with a custom-crafted sallet with a grated screen allowing for full use of the senses.  Under the suit of plate armor is an arming doublet which doubles as winter protection.

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